be brave custom photo tote bag

There are bags out there for literally everything you could possibly think of. Bags for books, laptops, groceries, you name it, there is a bag for it. The problem is, we start to fill corners, closets, and even rooms with all of these bags and often, they get used once and then drift off into no man’s land. In a lot of cases, these bags we use, especially plastic ones, end up in the trash and aren’t very environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there are these wonderful creations called tote bags! Durable, eco-friendly, and cute (if you’re into that), tote bags are a great item to own and use every day. Here are a couple of reasons why!

Good for the Earth

A hot topic all over the news and media for the past few years is the environment, and unfortunately, plastic grocery bags are a huge threat. They are seen far too often caught on animals in the wild or are piled up in beautiful areas of nature. This is one of the major downfalls of these one-use grocery bags.

The main feature of tote bags is that they are reusable. Think about how many grocery bags you would use in one week of average shopping. If you were to use a couple of totes instead, the same ones each week, by yourself you could cut out hundreds of plastic bags per year. Imagine the difference if you were able to convince a couple of friends and family members to do the same. That is a significant amount of plastic not floating around where it shouldn’t be.

Tough Like You

One of the most frustrating things about flimsy plastic bags is that they rip so easily. Ever had a gallon of milk rip through a bag and make a huge mess as you are trying to load your purchases into your car? Everyone has, and everyone hates it. As busy human beings with wavering patience, sometimes we can be a little rough on our stuff. One of the best attributes about totes is that they are tough enough to handle it.

Tote bags are designed to handle so much more weight and keep it evenly distributed due to the more sturdy material that many of them feature. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Need to pack a picnic for your kid’s soccer team? Big tote. Swinging by the store for a few things? Small tote.

Personalize and Represent

Regular grocery bags don’t do much for the way of style, color, or fun. With tote bags, you can get your dog, niece, or favorite vacation photo displayed on it for the world to see. If you aren’t into a lot of personalization, you can choose to represent your favorite cool design or a simple art piece. This is such a fun way of self-expression, in a uniquely your way.

Use our easy-to-use builder to customize your own tote bag

Knowing the difference one person can make is an inspiring reason to start using a tote bag. They are tougher and longer-lasting than grocery bags and it would take a lot of gallons of milk to tear a hole in one. If these reasons aren’t enough, style should win you over. Being able to see a face, place, or design that you love while completing regular tasks is quite the mood-changer.