Photo Blankets

Photo Blankets

Printing your pictures on custom blankets is the perfect way to remember life’s best moments each time you snuggle up at home. Designing your blanket is really simple with our easy-to-use builder. Creating a custom fleece blanket with a picture on it will turn into a family favorite for years to come.

Plus with 10% of every order donated to a great cause, you’ll love both your photo blanket and the impact made.

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Sherpa Photo Blankets

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Premium Woven Photo Blankets

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Create a Personalized Photo Blanket

Create your very own custom photo blanket with a variety of perfect fabrics to choose from! Choose from fleece, plush fleece, sherpa fleece, and woven. All are soft, warm, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

The main difference between them is the length and “feel” of the fibers. Plush fleece blankets have longer fibers than regular fleece blankets, giving them a more “luxurious” feel. Sherpa fleece also has long fibers that are designed to look and feel like real sheep’s fleece. Woven blankets look and feel more like a tapestry. They’re ideal for hanging on a wall or draping over a couch.

Our woven blankets are made using a giant computerized loom. You photos are literally woven together to create a stunning photo blanket woven so beautifully it's a true work of photo art.

Regardless of the material, your photo will look sharp and beautiful. In other words, when you order a photo blanket from us, you can expect your image to look great for a long time. It won’t get worn off or destroyed in the wash. It’ll be in the fabric itself, so you can enjoy your memories for many winter evenings to come.