Unique Wedding Photography Ideas 1

The summer months are just about here and the weather outside is starting to look warm and inviting. But not only does summertime bring swimsuits and beach volleyball, it also means more weddings!

Wedding season is filled with gorgeous bouquets of flowers, pretty white dresses, handsome suits and ties, and of course, wedding photography. While each bride and groom are trying to make their celebration unique and true to their relationship, wedding photographers are coming up with creative ideas on how to capture and express the newlywed’s personalities and a new chapter in their lives together. Here are some original tips and unique wedding photo ideas for aspiring wedding photographers that will help you to show off the beauty of marriage.

Create a list

A very helpful tip about wedding photography is to ask the couple to think ahead about what type of shots they would like you to capture on their wedding day. Have them put together a list so you can check them off as the day goes on. This is especially helpful for family photo time!

Visit the location ahead of time

It’s going to be helpful to visit the locations of where the bride and groom want to shoot, before the wedding day. It’s great to know where you’re going and understand the lighting of each location. This will make for a more efficient shoot!

Shoot the details

Sometimes photographers can get so caught up in taking photos of all the people at the wedding, that they forget to also shoot the fine details that make a wedding so beautiful. Some examples are the rings, shoes, table settings, flower arrangements, and even the details of the brides wedding dress. Your newlyweds will be so excited and thankful to have pictures of the little things.

Don’t trash your ‘mistakes’

With digital photography, it’s so tempting to constantly check your images as you go and delete the ones that you don’t think make the cut. Sometimes this results in discarding unique and interesting pictures that maybe the bride and groom will enjoy having. Try to not scroll through the photos until the next day, once the excitement and pressure have worn off. You’ll have a fresh outlook on your photos and just may see something beautiful that you may not have seen while in the moment.

Always be ready to capture the unexpected

As much as brides want to believe that their wedding day will go absolutely perfect, it hardly ever does. This means it’s your job to be ready to capture the moment the groom drops the ring on the ground or the little flower girl decides to sit down halfway through walking down the aisle. While these moments can feel a bit panicked, they’re the best moments to take photos of because they’re what makes memories for the wedding party.

Wedding Photography

Capture the couples wedding bands in a way that shows the bond they represent. Using a book to create a heart is just one example of how you can get creative with taking a beautiful shot of the rings.
wedding rings love book pages

Break away from your typical wedding cake with bride and groom figures that go along with the newlywed’s disposition. It’s can easily turn out to be a great conversation starter and a unique way to feature the couple.
unique wedding couple cake topper

A bride’s makeup is part of her self expression during her special day. Taking photos of all the pieces that bring together the wedding gives opens up a lot of opportunities for unique shots.
makeup wedding photo

Glasses up to toast to the newlyweds. You don’t have to get up close to get great shots of special moments.
wedding sunset toast

A moment of solitude for the bride before she walks down the aisle.
bride looking out window

Remember, it’s not only the bride who gets to wear the ring.
ring exchange wedding

One last mirror check during the final moments. The couple leaving the reception can happen quickly, so make sure you know what shots you want to try to get beforehand.
wedding couple in car

Show off the bride and groom’s personalities with a photo of what’s first on the dance floor.
converse shoes wedding

Never let the weather get the best of the big day. Rain or shine, being able to flex into unique situations with fun ideas can result in some great images.
wedding dress and boots

Friends and family do a lot of the capturing as well.
capturing first dance on mobile phone

A photographer can take the couple somewhere quiet after the ceremony, while the reception is being started, and capture the newlyweds celebrating their first moments being married.

The wedding dress is the most important outfit to photograph. But don’t forget about the groom’s apparel.
groom shoes and tie

The pen that makes it permanent.
wedding day pen and flowers