Photography Project Ideas for Students 1

Photography is an excellent educational tool for students to learn how to better understand the world around them and a way for their creativity to shine though. As a teacher, providing your students with a photography class can be beneficial to their growth because it opens up their imagination and is a hands-on way for younger kids to learn letters, numbers, and colors. Here are 5 photography projects for students, and although they all won’t be the perfect fit for every classroom, hopefully these ideas spark some more interesting ones for whatever age group you’re teaching to.

Scavenger Hunt

Send your students on a scavenger hunt and give them a specific letter to to base their photos off of. For example, for the letter “F” they would be look for fences, frogs, food, flowers, etc. You can even make it a little more difficult for kids by giving them the task of photographing a list of creative ideas around a certain area.

Show and Tell

A terrific way to help your students appreciate their photography is by going though their photos with them and allowing them to tell a story about how they captured the picture. This type of show and tell is a great way to get their imagination running and become more excited to take more photos. Give them positive feedback and pointers; you can even show them some of your own photography and tell them your story.

Learning Colors

Give your students a challenge by having them walk around the classroom or playground and photograph objects that are all a specific color. This can be adjusted to be associated with anything you might be learning; nature, words, etc.

Have a Gallery Showing

Transform your classroom into a photo gallery and display your students’ best work. Use apps that offer cheap prints to get the photos printed out for them. You can let them present the pictures and surprise you on how insightful their images can be. Leave them up in the classroom for a while to let their parents see their childrens’ creativity. You can also add to this project by having craft time to create handmade frames.

Tell A Story

Have your students take a few photos then include items, places, or characters to create a story out of it. This can be turned into a creative writing project by having them recount the event in each photo and writing down their imaginative story.

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