7 Simple DIY Picture Frame Ideas 1

A great way to share cherished photos is to put in the effort of making handmade, upcycled picture frames to display them in. From materials like washi tape to wine corks, here are a few simple DIY picture frame ideas to get you inspired.

Mason Jar Picture Frame

Create your own picture frame window in a mason jar. This is perfect to use as a vase, or a jar to store small items in. Paint your jar a color of your choice and use painters tape on the area that you want to keep clear for your photo. Size your photo in a word document to fit the jar and attach it to the inside of the jar with painters tape. Once your paint is dry, seal it was clear spray paint and you’ll have a crafty mason jar to display a fun memory in.

Washi Tape Frame

To make this frame, you will need an unfinished wooden frame (found at any craft store), white paint, and your selection of washi tape. Start off by painting your frame white. White gives your edges a clean, crisp look and a nice background for the transparent tapes. You can easily adjust your washi tape if you don’t like your original placement. While laying the tape down, have the ends of the tape stretch past the edges so that you’re able to trim them with scissors for a clean, blunt look. Once you’re finished, place a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal the tape in place.

Photo Transfer to Wood

A DIY photo transfer to wood is a creative alternative to the everyday picture frame. You’ll need any photo printed from a laser printer onto regular computer paper, a smooth piece of wood, gel medium with a gloss finish, paintbrush, mod podge finish, and embellishments. Start by painting a thick layer of gel medium to the front of your picture, covering the picture completely. Then, lay the photo face down onto the center of the wood making sure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in the paper. Overnight, let the picture dry so the wood can soak in the colors of the photo. In the morning, use a wet rag to lightly scrape off the paper until it’s as smooth as possible and after you’ve smoothed the surface entirely, paint a layer of mod podge finish over the photo and leave it to dry. If you’d like to add any crafty embellishments to your finished product, now is your time! Enjoy your new and unique DIY picture display in your home, it’ll be an eye catcher for your house guests.

Old Window Picture Frame

Turn a small, old window frame into a rustic looking picture frame to display childhood memories in your home. You’ll need to find an upcycled window from either a craft store or a vintage store with the glass still intact. Depending on how large the glass windows are, print out photos that match the dimensions. To secure your photos to the back of the glass, you can use something as simple as scotch-tape. Once your photos are in place, decorate the frame as your please or leave it looking plain and simple. This is a great frame idea that’s quick, easy, and gives your wall some character.

Photo Frame with Maps

Creating a frame using old maps will probably one of the simplest DIY frame projects that you’ll do. Simply use an unfinished, wooden frame and a map that has been cut into strips. Paint a thin layer of rubber cement on the back of the strips of map and gently wrap them around the frame. You can design the strips to be in a pattern or lay them perfectly across the frame giving it a clean, blunt, look. Paint a layer of Mod Podge over the frame once you’re done, giving it a glossy or matte finish. These are perfect DIY frames for all your travel adventures.

Wine Cork Frame

After a vacation to wine country, you’ll most definitely need an appropriate frame to display your tasting. You’ll need an unfinished wooden frame, paint, and salvaged wine corks. Paint your frame a color of your choice and let it dry for a couple of hours. When the frame is ready, glue your wine corks onto the frame in either rows or patterns. Rubber cement or a hot glue gun will most likely be the best glue to use for the craft. Once the corks are sturdily dried onto the frame, you’ll be all set to display your vineyard vacation. This is a simple and quick way to put a new picture frame up in your home.

Beach Frame

Your beach vacation photos should most likely be displayed in a DIY beach frame. Using a wooden frame from a craft store, a bag of sand from the beach, and maybe a few sea shells, you can make a beautiful picture frame with materials right from the coast line. With an even layer of Elmer’s glue spread across your frame, sprinkle your beach sand over the glue. Before it dries, set some shells or drift wood into the sand creating a beach scene on your frame. Take your craft outside to dry for the day. Once dry, shake off any remaining sand that didn’t get glued on. There you’ll have the perfect frame to display your sun, sand, and sea photos.