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Instagram Prints

Moving away to college is an emotional experience for both teenagers and parents alike. A young adult is uprooting their life from the comfort of their home and moving to a brand-new place that may feel a bit foreign to them. It’s important for a student to feel comfortable in their new surroundings and what better way to remind them of their friends and family back at home than by decorating their dorm room with Instagram prints? Here are some creative ways to use Instagram images to help a dorm room become a student’s very own.

Create a Photo Wall

Cover a wall in your room from ceiling to floor with all of your Instagram photos. This a fun alternative to wallpaper that will remind you of your favorite memories. You can organize them by occasion or just place them in a spontaneous order. No matter which way you chose to make your photo wall, it’s guaranteed you’ll always have an image that will make you smile.

Turn Them into A Favorite Word

Transform your Instagram shots into a letter or word. Choose photos that go with your word choice and then place them in a way that spells it out. If you want to get even more creative with it, frame each letter individually and then mount them on your wall in a not so orderly fashion. This is also a perfect way to fill up empty wall space on your side of the room!

Create a Frame

Use your photos to create a frame around a mirror or door. But instead of placing them on the actual mirror or door itself, place them on the wall around it. This a unique way to colorfully highlight something that’s usually looked over.

Hang Them from your Ceiling

Hang your Instagram photos on your wall or from your ceiling like a photo mobile. Get creative with what you want to use for your base, like a unique piece of drift wood, or maybe even your tassel from your high school graduation, then secure your photos onto it with either glue or clothespins.

Clip them to Christmas Lights

Pick up a set of white Christmas lights and use them as a clothes line for your Instagram photos. String them up onto your wall in a way that will accommodate the number of photos you’d like to use. With miniature clothespins, clip them along the lights so that they can be seen in the dark. This is an elegant way to display your pictures and illuminate your room at the same time.

Get Geometric

Using your pictures, thumbtacks, and string, create a geometric image your wall and then clip your photos onto it. You can create random triangles, squares, and hexagons, or you can connect them all in a way to make a specific image on your wall.

Map Them Out

With a map of the world on your wall, some string, thumbtacks, and your travel photos, you can show off all your adventures right in your dorm room. Pinpoint the places that you’ve been around the world and use the string to connect your Instagram pictures to them. This is a fun way to display your discoveries and remind yourself that it’s important to keep exploring.

Transform Them to Calendar Pages

Make your Instagram photos into a personalized calendar. Choose twelve photos that go with each month of the year and print them out as a calendar page. You can hole punch each month and turn it into a flip calendar or just pin a new month onto your cork board or wall as the year goes on. This makes for a fun way to remind you that your college days are ticking by quicker than you think!

Create a Collage that Moves From Wall to Wall

Organize your photos into a creative piece that spreads from one wall to the next. As an example, placing your images into the shape of a diamond or heart is a great way to make a unique collage that uses the corner of your wall to separate one side from the other.

Create a Display Board

Using upcycled wood, create a display board for your Instagram photos. Stain the wood a color of your choice and paste clips or clothes pinsacross it. You can choose to have the board mounted horizontal or vertically, so be sure to position your clips accordingly. Once the clips are securely mounted onto the board, clip your Instagram images onto them and then mount your board on your wall. This is a great and easy DIY project that you can quickly swap out photos on.

If you’re looking for an alternative option to standard photo paper, you can print Instagram images on metal using our easy-to-use editor. Check it out here.