25 Cute Cat Pictures 1

Cats are great animals to photograph. They’re usually doing something hilarious or looking adorable while curled up in a basket or empty box. Watching them play with a cat toy, fool around with catnip, or simply seeing them lounging around is not only very entertaining but also makes for cute pictures. Here are 25 photos of cats that hopefully will spark inspiration for you to capture some images of your own feline friend.

Cat Pictures

Kittens like to find their way into the tightest, coziest places. This little guy looks nice and comfortable in the couch.
kitty couch

This cat will make anyone crave a quick cat nap before taking on the day.
sleeping cat

Scottish Fold kittens are ones to melt your heart.
scottish fold kitten

This cat has a solid look of concentration before he takes his big leap.

This little guy look so ferocious and cute at the same time!
cat sleeping

Those big blue eyes are begging for some cuddle time.
blue eyed kitten

Two best friends who look ready for a leisurely day together.
cat best friends

Give your cat a high-five for always being available to play and cuddle with you.
high five cat

A kitten in a tree doesn’t always call for an emergency situation, sometimes it means it’s time to grab your camera for a great photo op.
kitten in tree

Capturing your cat in mid-play makes for some unique and funny pictures.
adorable cat

These two tabby cats will make you want to drop what you’re doing and take a day to fully relax.
cat friends sleeping

A simple bowl is all this kitty needs to be comfortable for the afternoon.
kitty in a bowl

When the toy mouse comes out to play, it’s on!
cats playing with toy

How many white kittens can you spot on their matching white blanket?
white kittens

Just checking in to see if its play time yet.

A momma and her babies are always picture perfect.
cat family

A look of satisfaction after a tasty meal.
black cat

This cat owner knows exactly how to make her cat feel comfortable and loved.
cute cat

This little one is waiting patiently to be old enough to play with the big cats.

What a great capture of this black tabby being as cute as possible.
tabby cat

Even your cat wants to help out during the holidays!
holiday cat

Cats with two different eye colors make for excellent photo subjects.
cat two different colored eyes

A game of hide and seek is extra fun when you’re playing with your feline friend.
cat hide and seek

Green looks great on this little kitten!
green eyed cat

The look of exhaustion after a day of outdoor adventures.
cat in grass

Create a pet pillow for your cat using your own pictures.
cat pillow