5 Great Winter Photoshoot Ideas 1

As the most wonderful time of year approaches, we tend to sneak inside where it’s warm and cozy instead of embracing the beauty and purity that is winter. This year, grab your camera or your phone and brave the cold! Snow is so beautiful and makes even the simplest photos bright and cheery. To help inspire your chilly adventure, here are some ideas for a snow photoshoot.

Keep It Casual and Colorful

Tempting as it may sound to go all out and dress up to the nines and freeze your tush off in the snow, don’t. Relax, grab your favorite beanie and pair of snow boots and a big smile. That’s the beauty of snow! No one is expecting you to look fancy. If you dress formal, chances are that you will be extremely cold and that shows in photos. Be comfortable and more importantly, be warm. Another quick tip for attire is to consider not wearing white, as you’ll match the winter scene. Reds and blacks look amazing against the white background that snow provides, especially if you are going for that subtle, not cheesy Christmas look.

snowy portrait

Props are Your Friend

Although winter doesn’t carry the flowers and lush vegetation of summer, it has its own fun props of nature. Snow itself is naturally beautiful and it’s easily used as a prop. For example, grabbing a small handful and blowing it toward the camera. Can you say perfect Instagram photo? Snow is also moldable. Snow men (and women) are both adorable and photogenic to include in a photo. This is also a great way to get the kids involved. Snap a few pics of them building it, struggling to get the head in the right place and add the carrot nose. These sweet memories make great Christmas decorations in your home as well.

snow portrait

Don’t be Afraid

Snow might be cold, but when you act scared of it to take a photo, people notice. The worst that can happen is a little wet clothing, but it can be dried so don’t worry. Action shots in the snow are a blast and easy to grab. Catching the moment your friend gets smacked in the shoulder with a snowball might be the best thing your camera captures all year long. Sledding is also a great way to get the kids and family all together. Sometimes the great photos come from not the speedy children flying through the snow, but six of them trying to fit on one sled, a sad train trying to be formed, or relieved smiles on pink-cheeked faces that made it to the bottom of the hill unharmed.

christmas tree

Take it Inside

For those of us that prefer the warm indoors during this time of year, not to worry! Indoor shots of the Christmas season are effortlessly artistic due to decorations. This is a great way to make your photos personal, as it is your home and touch is in everything photographed. Props indoors can include cozy and huge blankets, hot cocoa with marshmallows, Christmas trees, lights, warm and crackling fire places, and the list goes on. If taken at the right angle, you can even capture the snow where it’s supposed to be: outside your window.

snowy forest


We love our family and friends, but there is something about the peace of winter that is often disturbed by people. The snow ads a layer of freshness to everything and can make even the things you see every day seem extra beautiful. Your house, trees, even big open fields are excellent subjects for capturing this special elegance of the most magical time of year.