Bathrooms may be one of the smaller rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the capability of making a big statement. While the layout of your bathroom won’t change no matter how you decorate it, you can still “expand” the room with a few basic decor ideas that will transform your bathroom into a space that’s attractive and efficient. Here are 5 unique decorating ideas to consider when trying to make the most use of this specific, sometimes restful and refreshing place.

bathroom decor ideas

Get That Makeup Organized

It’s typical to have your makeup sprawled out across your bathroom countertop. Get organized by creating a cute and useful make up stand out of cake stands. Check out a place like the dollar store or your local second-hand store to seek out a stacked cake stand. You can either leave it the color that it is or paint it so it matches your bathroom theme. Place it on your bathroom countertop and arrange your makeup so it’s nice and organized on each tray. This will clean up your bathroom, add a cute deco to your counter, and make getting ready in the morning so much easier!

Mason Jar Storage

To keep your bathroom looking clean, organized, and fresh, use mason jars to store items like cotton balls and Q-tips. You can label the jars by painting on them or purchase chalkboard stickers so you can write a label and change it whenever you please.

Shower Built-Ins

Create built-in shelves that are situated in the wall of your shower that that faces the shower head. Use the shelves for wash cloths, soaps and shampoos, and all your sponges. They should be far enough away so they won’t get too wet and all of your shower supplies will be right there for easy access. This is also an excellent space saver for small bathrooms.

DIY Towel Rack

Design your own towel rack out of wood and stylish hooks. Pick up a 2×4 piece of wood and paint it a color to match your bathroom. You can paint the word “towel” on it or get creative and paint a decorative design across the wood piece. Screw in your hooks and mount your new towel rack on either your door or a wall. This will help to give your bathroom a more unique and crafty look as well as provide a place to hang your towel after your shower!

Bathtub Shelf

Every once in a while it’s important to not take a shower, because you want to take a bath instead! There’s nothing better than laying in your bathtub and enjoying a snack and good book. Create a shelf that spans the width of your tub so you can place your book, music, candles, and some snacks on top of and enjoy a relaxing bath. This also creates great ambience in your bathroom!

Wall Art

Depending on the design theme, different types of wall art with your favorite images can be used to compliment the bathroom decor focus. Use metal art if you’re looking to portray a modern theme, wooden prints for more of a rustic theme, and canvas art tends to fit into all different types of looks. Check out the GoodPrints shop for more great custom photo gifts to decorate your bathroom with!