Some Moments Aren't Meant For Professional Photographers 1

kid painting

Good photographers are artists that have the ability to awaken our senses just by looking at a single photo. Their creativity and inspiration is pulled out from behind a lens and they are able to duplicate that process over and over, producing awesome pictures every time.

But most of us are not professional photographers or maybe we lack that creative, artistic eye that comes so easily for some. And that’s okay, it shouldn’t prevent you from just taking photos of those moments that might not be perfect.

Beauty Doesn’t Need Clean Lines

Your perception of a great family photo goes like this: clean clothes worn prior to eating so no spills, everyone smiling, your youngest is in a good mood so no meltdowns yet, the dog already went to the bathroom, the weather’s on its best behavior, and your hair looks the best it has in 10 years. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

This unrealistic, mountain-high expectation that photoshoots have to be perfect is basically saying our everyday living is almost unworthy of remembering. Our day to day, seemingly routine moments are worth more than gold. We know this, but we still crave perfection.

Beauty is much more beautiful when not forced. Some of the best group photos have been taken by a selfie stick. It’s genius. Let’s put a phone on a stick, that alone gets genuine smiles captured in that image.

Morning Bed Hair is Canvas Worthy

Though we might still be blown away by a professional photographer’s amazing skills, they just aren’t around to witness my daughter’s outrageous bed head in the morning. It’s only us. Her well rested, sleepy smelling, crazy scientist like hair-do is one of those moments I try so hard to take a mental picture of so I can relive over and over as she grows out of these little stages. Who says bad hair days are bad days? The messier the hair, the better.

There is a celebration to be had when your child gets through an entire shopping trip at Trader Joe’s pushing those little red carts without running anyone over. The many times heard, “Mommy, will you lay with me?”, won’t be asked in a couple more years. These are the times our photo’s hold a million words and emotions.

Shoot the Unanticipated, Spice it Up

Minimal photography skills are needed to tell a story. Using our “high tech” photography equipment, (which was intended to be a pun but actually these days our cell phones actually are very high tech), we all have the ability to become exceptional photographers. Your family washing your car in the driveway on an unbearably hot day, brunch with your parents even though your dad likes to send back his burger twice because it’s not done right, your sister’s new haircut that you would never choose for her but you think she actually pulls it off well, or your daughters sitting so patiently while your husband cuts their tiny little toenails. Life deserves an imperfect, unexpected photo shoot. Grab those moments, they belong to you.

Some moments aren’t meant for professional photographers. Life is just that unpredictable.