8 Reasons to Love Wedding Season 1

Photo by Malorie DePerna Photography

Loving summer is easy. With the long days of warm weather it’s all about planning work nights and weekends to get in as much sun as possible. We’re right there with you.

Another season that walks side by side with summer is the much anticipated, or dreaded, wedding season. You either love weddings or find them overwhelmingly obligating. After all, you do need to find the right outfit to wear, a date or plus one so you don’t feel awkward sitting alone at the singles table, and a gift for the bride and groom. This can seem like a lot to commit too, but before you turn your back on these memorable summer events, here are 8 reasons to love wedding season.

Hello, It’s Not Your Wedding

This party, which most likely has free food and drinks, is not your party. Do you know what that means? You didn’t have plan it, pay the bills, or have to be the center of attention. You can blend into the sidelines and enjoy your blueberry mojito. Being there in itself is showing your support for the happy couple. Those of you who have planned and been married yourself can relate and find the joy in getting to relax at someone else’s celebration.

Escaping Reality

Whatever was on your to-do list yesterday is now going to take the back seat. Weddings provide a sense of escape and nothing but positive vibes since everyone around you is celebrating.

No One Cares How You Dance

There are people of all ages on the dance floor at weddings. Chances are that none of them are competitive dancers. Plus, you’ll probably feel a little sore the next day, which means you got your workout in!

Play Dress Up

If you’re a stay at home parent, work from home, or just haven’t had a special occasion to bring out your best clothes lately, this is the perfect time. We know you still got it, now go show it off!

Go Social Media Crazy

Having a photoshoot while looking your best goes hand in hand with posting those pictures on all your social feeds. Your friends need to see how amazing your hair came out and it’s probably time for an updated profile picture.

Forget Your Diet For One Evening

You’re drooling over the food choices, so why torture yourself? Enjoy the food the bride and groom worked so hard to choose for their guests. Remind yourself that they paid for you to eat in celebration of their special day, so let your taste buds celebrate too!

Wedding Planning Ideas

In the middle of planning your own wedding? Watching others tie the knot is a great way to pick up ideas for your own ceremony. Tweaking details from their wedding and making it your own is almost like pinning it on your Pinterest board, so get creative!

Date Night Emergency

You might be in need of a date night, and weddings make the perfect opportunity to spend time with your significant other. Seeing other people all lovey-dovey makes you want to do the same. Dinner, drinks, and dancing all with your favorite person? Yes, please.

So don’t stress about the summer wedding season, they’re just big parties that take little effort from you to have fun!