Custom Tote Bags The Support the Fight Against Cancer

Carry Strength

This mission is simple. Here’s the deal, Cancer Sucks, bigtime! Fighting cancer is hard, like really hard. Most of us can’t imagine what that fight looks like until we see someone go through it. Even then we can only guess what riding the rollercoaster on a battle for your life is really like. As scary as the C word is, together we can help. We can make a difference for someone we love and help them have a little more strength as they pack their bag for treatment and arm themselves for the fight.

What is Carry Strength?

Almost every single family in the United States has been affected by cancer in some way. Whether it has been the loss of a grandparent, parent, or even a sibling or friend, most everyone has a heartbreaking story to tell when it comes to cancer. This goes without saying, but cancer sucks. Like, a lot. Watching someone you love face the unspeakable struggles that come with a cancer diagnosis is incredibly painful—for everyone involved. It is horrific watching them fight, but your own feeling of helplessness is somehow worse.

Not only do the patients have to live with this battle for their lives, but many of them still face the normal daily struggles of life that are simply exhausting—even for those of us without cancer. Working, cooking, raising a family, and still trying to take care of those around them is a full-time gig that doesn’t leave time for hours and hours of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and treatments.

Cancer tends to take more than it gives. It takes both physically and emotionally. It takes pieces of our bodies that can’t be given or grown back. It takes our health, our energy, makes us sick and makes even the simplest tasks far more difficult than they once were. Perhaps the thing that it takes the most of is time—something that we can’t make up and can’t fake. Once it’s gone that’s all it is: gone.

The weight of all this is a lot to bear. There are lots of ways to help out, most of them small but making a difference none the less. One of these ways is to buy a tote bag, personalized to perfection, for a loved one fighting the good fight. On one side of the bag is either a single photo or multiple photos—images of things they love, things or people that make them think of happier, simpler, and healthier times. Whether this includes photos of flowers, puppies, grandkids, or their favorite place by the lake, you can give the gift of peace, even if only for a few moments in between the chaos.

If you are a cancer patient yourself, first of all: you can do this. Your courage to fight is truly inspiring and we salute you for not giving up. These bags are for you. Long days at the hospital call for books, medications, phone chargers, and snacks—lots of snacks. These simple totes are designed to make at least the simple process of staying comfortable a little easier. Hopefully, this is done by keeping all the must-haves for the day in one place, all while looking at cute little faces and/or places to bring even a tiny smile to your remarkable face.

While one side of the bag is for a cheerful photo(s), the other side is reserved for something that every brave, tired, and discouraged cancer patient needs in their life: inspiring quotes to remind you to keep going. This includes some of the standard ones such as Carry Strength, F*** Cancer, Cancer Sucks, Cancer Warrior, Cancer Survivor, and my personal favorite: Hey Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Person!

A tote bag does not and never will cure something as horrible and unfair as cancer. What is does do is enhance the strength that is already within the fighter. It reminds them why the fight is so important, and it might be the only thing in their day that makes them smile.